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Exploratory Medicine

Content warning: This game contains descriptions of medical treatments and encourages players to be creative. If you don't like the thought of blood and stitches or you don't like creativity, this game is not for you. 

Your experimental care unit explores avant-garde medical treatments for desperate patients. Exploratory medical procedures are imperfect, nebulous, and risky. Your patients may die or have continuing complications. It will be your responsibility to provide the best care possible and to console the patient and relatives if anything should happen. Record the treatments and the diverse diagnoses in your medical journal to enhance and expand medical knowledge.

Generate your character

Generate a medical professional with a unique temperament. Examples of these medical professionals include:

  • Mad scientist
  • Dimensional healer
  • Religious healer
  • Acupuncturist 

We also encourage you to make up your own!

Generate your patient

Your patient will have a randomly generated condition somewhere between poor and critical. They will also have a unique diagnosis that you can interpret into a variety of ailments. The diagnoses include:

  • Hit by a projectile
  • Parasites
  • Rotten flesh
  • Afflicted with an infectious disease
  • Debilitating trauma

Treat your patient

Treat your patient using the Stability Score mechanic to save their life! Exploratory medical treatments are risky and your patient may slip towards death... Be creative with your treatments and attempt to save them with minimal complications.

Not your grandma's medical journaling game!

We encourage creativity and outside thinking. 

Do you want to treat a patient with hydraulic space parasites that suck life force and cause chronic dehydration? 

You got it pal! 

Want a medical professional that specializes in healing through psychotropic hallucinations? 

Play that sucker! 

The world is your oyster... Now go heal some sick folk!

Available Downloads:
  • The core rules
    • Everything you need to play and totally free!
  • Supplemental tables and enhanced game play
    •  Randomized tables that will enhance your game play and spark some fun ideas for your character and patient creation.


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Fun little journaling game. My first patient died while I was performing acupuncture to reverse her chi and enhance her natural healing. I like the creative freedom but it might be a little too free-form for some people. I recommend playing this game still.